Papenburg Map v1.0.0.4


Jimkerk Presents

- More hedges removed
- Punk houses replaced
- Foliage and fillplanes removed for the time being
- Nightlight2 error fixed
- Terrain exchanged - Franz terrain -
- Stones are in now
- Map size only 757MB

no new score required!

Papenburg Map
Here with I put you my Papenburg Map zur verfügung.Sie is not quite Final. But when is ne map that ever.
-4 fields map
-96 fields from 1- 87 Ha much arable land, grassland and forests
-119 plots hectare price 25000€
- over 200000 trees
-Extensive field and path system
-Many free areas for farms and productions
-Basic supply of main outlets. Including grain mill, grain store, bakery, cheese factory, dairy and sawmill
- not finalized yet!!!! way system splines for auto ride possible.But not yet perfected
I haven't put any launch vehicles yet
There will be updates every now and then in the coming weeks and months. So be patient.
There are small warnings but the map runs astrein and has been extensively tested. If anything is seen, please picture and coordinates with pn to me
Habt fun


Modell:Giants, Jimkerk
Textur: Giants,Jimkerk
Script: Giants ,Jimkerk
Idee / Konzept: Jimkerk
Tester: Satt

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