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[ATS] Freightliner Classic XL v4.7.5
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[ATS] Freightliner Classic XL v4.7.5

Standalone. Peterbilt Motor Show
Registered with the company
Fixed some skins
Added DLC Steering wheel

Freightliner Classic XL v4.7.5 update
List of changes in version 4.7.5 relative to 4.7.0:
1. Added Headache Racks for the cabin in the tuning (it's a separate archive, do not forget to connect!).
2. Fixed lighting devices: now you can adjust its brightness.
3. Fixed display of tablets of the driver and partner in the cabin.
4. Completely adapted lighting.
5. Antennas for mirrors can now be placed on both sides. Also a second type of antennas (inclined) is added.
6. Fixed displaying of the Russian number behind (for ETS2). Now he is in a different place and the splash guard does not cut into it.
7. The main beam is redesigned on the headlights with orange dimensions on the internal reflectors.
8. Added 1 new visor.
9. Added a new version of the hood mirrors.
10. Added a new version of the mudguards and the standard lined, as well as 1 version of the mudguard itself.

* jon-ruda
* COne - (textures)
* Softlab - (textures / models)
* Kriechbum - (sounds)
* Daniil Shatskiy - (textures)
* Max Dmitriev - (models)
* SNAIL_KILLA - (sounds)
* Dogface - (textures / models)
* Victor Roldugin (Tumbler) - (skin)
* Chris Husky - (help)

  • Freddy jimmink
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    This is a stolen mod, the Original mod is from John Ruda.And where a lot of asholes in this community acuse me from , they do it themselves and bring the making mods injeperdy!
  • Guest
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    John Ruda is Yevgeny Rudakov
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