About us

The idea of our website emerged in July 2013. We drafted the website development plan considering the needs of users and their experience of work with internet websites. The Modhub website logo was created in September and was followed by the development of its design. In October, the programming works were started by the experienced programmer, who fulfilled the requirements set by us.

The Modhub website has been created to facilitate the distribution of game modifications and to provide players with the most recent and best game modifications in one place. The website is being continuously improved considering the requests of its visitors. We want to make our website a place which you would like to visiting and exchange information with other visitors. The website has been designed in the manner which makes its use very convenient. Given that it is accessed by visitors from all over the world, the website has been translated into several different foreign languages to make its use easier. We understand that not everyone is able to create, but everybody can contribute to the wellbeing of this website. All users may add new photos and filmed material from YouTube to the provided game modifications. We will display on our website the top news of developers selected by visitors of our website and will upgrade the quality of its content. All news is accompanied by the information relevant to the player, while game modification developers are provided with the possibility of realising their ideas to the full extent.

We will try to adapt to your needs and keep improving, and to offer the best solutions meeting your requirements. We hope to achieve our goals and to create an excellent environment for you in a few years.