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Volvo VNL 2018 v1.14 [1.32 & up]
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Volvo VNL 2018 v1.14 [1.32 & up]

Moved all upgrades to volvo_vnl_2018 folder
Cleanup of textures
Changed cabin files to 760 and 860.sii
Added support for animated cables
Seperated mudflaps on long chassis
Added colision boxes for cabins
Added Adaptive Loading and Tag chassies
Added proper engines
Removed engines that are not available in real life
Cleanup of interior textures
Fixed wrong look name

1.0: Original mod
1.1: Updated interior
     Updated dashboard lights
     Updated animations
     Added dashboard backlight
     Added VNL steering wheel
1.2: Added VNL 740
     Bug fixes
     Seperated sunshield from 860 cab and added plastic and chrome variants
1.3: Adjusted 5th wheel hook
1.4: Changed DRL lights
     Added trailer brake stick animation
     Added trailer air pressure animation
     Added diff temperature animation
     Adjust backlight on some interior parts to correspond with real life
     Changed outside led from white to orange
     Added better cab collisions
     Separated chrome strip and lights from sideskirts
     Added version without lights
     Separated ground effect plastic from sideskirts
     Renamed parts to correspond with Volvo configurator
     Separated chrome from intake
     Separated plastic spoiler extender
     Separated reverse lights on the back of the cab
     Calculated and added wheelbase to chassis
     Added support for warning flags
1.5: Fixed speedometer
     New hood template
1.6: Added support for SiSL interior addon
     Bug fixes
     Changed location of sideskirt on the template
     Added support for front banner
1.7: Separated windshield heating
     Added new icons
     Cleanup of unnecessary files
     Fixed the correct position of the front blinkers
     Fixed the rear blinkers to red
1.8: Adjusted glass vertex color
1.9: Added exterior animated wipers
     Bug fixes
1.10 Added additional locators
1.11: Bug fixes
      Switched to better wiper models
      Added 4 way blinker animation
1.12: Fixed external view of dashboard toys
      Removed glass panel over gauges
      Added additional interiors
      Added Volvo VNL to quick jobs
      Synchronised wipers
      Fixed missing antena locators
      New computer by Piva
1.13: Bug fixes
1.14: Added Flow Below bits

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