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TRUCKSHOP ETS2 FOR ATS BY FrankBrasil v2.0 [1.29.x]
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TRUCKSHOP ETS2 FOR ATS BY FrankBrasil v2.0 [1.29.x]

European trucks from ETS2 for ATS.
This is an update of the old mod "Mod_TruckShop_Ets2_no_Ats_v1" from the author FrankBrasil.
Added: update for Daf XF105 and Euro6; Scania 2016; new checkpoint.
Almost all registration has been updated. Changed the mode of wipers.
Changes in physics: stroke, weight and stiffness of the front and rear suspensions; depreciation
driver's seat; weight, tilt angle and cab damping; reduced braking efficiency;
the inertia of the road train is increased.
Present in traffic. Speed ​​for traffic patterns of European trucks
increased to 105 km / h. Buy in the showroom in the city of Bakersfield. Registered
in the orders of agencies.
Test on the version

FrankBrasil, Kirtok

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    garbage , this is ats not ets
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    GEE guess what, if you don't like it don't use it. And by the way explain why this is garbage, oh! that's right you can do better. Well we will wait for it. But we wont hold our breath.
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