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Mack Pinnacle [1.5]
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Mack Pinnacle [1.5]

Standalone - Peterbilt (Only Available in the showroom)
- Five cabins
- Three chassis
- Its interior
- Custom sound
- There are templates for skins

When you purchase to install the wheel (no is the default)

Sib3rius, Corby, Superman, Humster3D, Bora, V2obert, Krechibaum, A.Sneed, Mack Trucks, Deven

  • Michale
    2016-12-26 23:52 Send message
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    Sorry, but where was taken this mod was no prohibition on reupload
  • Faelandaea
    2017-01-01 18:22 Send message
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    It has a lot of potential. But ... at this stage it is early alpha at best and the original author has stated openly that he has no intention of making any further improvements to it. If I were to DL this truck again I'd have a lot of work ahead to clear out the errors and get it to a point where it is even usable in game. So I am okay with it being out there and available for a professional modder to actually fix and improve upon.
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