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Trailers Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v1.4
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Trailers Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v1.4

Version 1.4 - added in traffic Cheetah 40' and 53' container and reefer container trailers.

Pack adds in traffic 41 different trailers.
Included trailers by Mac, Fontaine, Wilson, Travis, Lode King, SmithCo, Trinity, Heil, CMW, Rogers, Kentucky Trailer and others.
All standalone.
Only quality lowpoly models - no FPS drop.
AI cables simulation compatible.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with AI packs by Jazzycat.
For version 1.35.x
Models and skins by: SCS Software, Giant Software, SoftLab, Polygonish, Cape, KMN Modding, DocElyoc, Bcbuhler, Dogebilt, Jura2470, Dietz Modding, andrei383, bansheewoj, Yankee Trucker, B4RT, Ivan, Corey, Obeja, MuhaBZzz, SheryO, PigPen, RubberDuck73, habdorn and others


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    Архив поврежден, исправьте.
  • Tex
    2019-08-07 03:13
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    its a old mod, we passt 2.5 version
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