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Kenworth K100E v0.93
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Kenworth K100E v0.93

Changes in v0.93
You can move your head further back. And mirror brackets were shortened. They actually kinda look better now.

Changes: v0.92
- Interior accessories are now back inside the cab, on the exterior view;
- Hook locator lowered by 55 millimeters. Trailers are now lower, to eliminate the gap between the 5th wheel & the trailer chassis.

Changelog  v0.91
Lamp material was fixed.
The interior shading is reworked.
I have managed to brighten it up around the dash, while somehow, retaining a satisfactory look. :shock:
Secondly, i changed shaders for the upholstery. From dif.spec.oclu, to dif.spec.mult.dif.spec. Wish i knew about this shader from the start.
And, with all the remarks about how "amazingly optimized" my interior is, i took the liberty and replaced the 1k upholstery AO texture, with a 2k texture.

- 6 chassis (4x2, short 6x4, normal 6x4. One set for 90" cabs, and one for 112" cabs)
- 4 cabs, based on real life counterparts (90", 90" Aerodyne, 112", and 112" Aerodyne)
- Matching interiors for all cabs, 2 styles, each with several color variants.
The interior models are slightly simplified compared to actual ones.
- Paint schemes, based on what you'd see on real K100 trucks.
- Wind deflectors & fairings, based on real life ones.
- Engines by Kriechbaum. The list is minimized, because i find the regular assortment overwhelming. I included the C15 cats, Straight pipe cats, and most of the Cummins.
- Transmissions. 10, 13, 18 speed eatons, 5 and 6 speed allisons. Each comes with 3 different axle ratios. Also, Allisons have a retarder, the Eatons don't.

The chassis models used, are from the base game.
Other parts that you might think are from the base game, indeed are.

Credit for the 3D model of the engine + transmission block, goes to Harven.
Credit for the sounds, and engine defs, goes to Kriechbaum.

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    overfloater : please add the new c15 straight pipe from kriechbaum..that would be perfect..thank you for this great mod!
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    @OVERFLOATER, love the truck , i have a Peterbilt cabover i love, but i have been waiting for a really Kenworth cabover for a while, and i found this one , love it thank you, actually saw B4RT post a picture of it on one his runs on facebook is how i intially found it
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    mods_ats ебаный педрила и любитель посасать черные стволы
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    @Mods_ats ПИДОР По себе людей не судят
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