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International 9800 v2.0 1.30.x
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International 9800 v2.0 1.30.x

International 9800 v2.0
Buy at the Peterbilt Dealer
Only Tested on ATS 1.30.x.x

by Harven...
- Cleaning of the clutter, warnings and errors and added steering wheel adjustments and trailer brake valve animations done
- Minor file editing and new icons by Lucasi
- Skins-Pauly(DarkDays),Lucasi(Starling)

Also supports SisL Cabin accessories

-Minor fix on the template where the skin on front part of the truck was out of scale.
Old skins will need editing on the front to work with the 9800 2.0

Template New 2.0: http://sharemods.com/ae42554noxz1/9800_2.0_template.7z.html


  • Siwy
    2018-03-09 08:45 Send message
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    Fake mod. :(
  • Real
    2018-03-09 15:19 Send message
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    Fake is you the clown. Mod works fine. I understand he is from the workshop, and there he was updated/
  • Carm
    2018-03-11 12:24 Send message
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    Please update it to ETS2
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