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American Truck Simulator
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American Truck Simulator

A few screenshots from a recent beta build of the game for you late on a Sunday.

SCS Software

  • Theosz
    2013-12-16 16:20
    cool! I hope this game don't bring the same ETS2's problems and limits. After release it I don't buy in the following day, as I did to DLC and disappointed me.
  • Eagle
    2014-01-13 21:51
    where can I get this?
  • Guest
    2014-04-24 01:52
    Where I should find this awesome incredible game ever.!!!!?????
  • Noname
    2014-06-27 13:52
    Where to download it ???? plz helpp me.:(
  • Craig
    2014-08-20 08:04
    Obviously, the game is NOT RELEASED YET. It will be available early next year. Looks like February at this point.
  • Danijel
    2015-02-11 17:52
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