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Arctic Logs Triple trailer ownable Mod 1.36.x
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Arctic Logs Triple trailer ownable Mod 1.36.x

Converted from FS19.
Loads updated for all DLCs (including Utah).
Single double and triple versions.
Acquired in the property.
Cable support.
Advanced hitch.
Reflective stripes.
Added to traffic (single, double and triple).

Who updates from the old author’s version all the old timber trucks sell, may conflict.

Version 10.01.2020 for American Truck Simulator (v1.36):

Timber Truck Triple Hitch added to property and traffic.
The Dual Timber Carrier now consists of two large sections.
The maximum transported weight of the Logs has been increased to 50 tons.
The list of companies of senders and recipients has been changed.
Available only in property.
Direct orders and Agency orders are not registered.
The picture is replaced and the description file is edited.
Replaced the name of the cargo from English to the multilingual game.
The purchase price of a trailer dealer has been significantly reduced by reducing the price of the original wheels to an adequate one.
Log shipping fees are now more optimal.

This is not an official author’s update, but my adaptation.
Mod author: Cyrus The Virus and others
Adaptation Author: POWE®FULL ™

POWE®FULL™, Cyrus The Virus and Other

  • Truckerone
    2020-01-10 17:32
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    Psssss, not bad but has def files problems…..00:00:12.586 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/trailer/arctic_log_l.sii’, line 12:00:00:12.586 : Included at ‘/def/vehicle/trailer_storage.arctic_log.sii’, line 5:00:00:12.586 : [unit] The unit name ‘trailer.arctic_log_l2’ is in wrong format.00:00:12.586 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/trailer_storage.arctic_log.sii)
    • Powerfull
      2020-01-10 21:36 Send message
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  • Diesel doug
    2020-01-11 02:16
    1 0
    The unit name "arctic_log_l2" is 13 characters. That's too many. You need to change it to 12 or less.Re-write the def files. It could be as simple as renaming it to "arcticlog_l2".
    • Powerfull
      2020-01-11 02:37 Send message
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  • Diesel doug
    2020-01-11 19:43
    1 0
    I made the edit locally with the unit name and the error has been cleared.One thing that should be fixed is the paintjob. Even though you can select the "Red" color in paintwork, the base-color (in the def file) is locked. If un-locked (changing the 'true' to 'false') it still doesn't change the color of the trailer when moving the mouse pointer around the colour picker.
    • Powerfull
      2020-01-12 05:38 Send message
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    • Powerfull
      2020-01-12 05:42 Send message
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  • Diesel doug
    2020-01-12 06:29
    0 0
    Changing the paintjob data so it works, is an adaptation. It's not Cyrus's 3D model either, yet claims it as his own.
    • Powerfull
      2020-01-12 22:50 Send message
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  • Powerfull
    2020-01-12 23:00 Send message
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    How to quickly distinguish a new version of a mod from an old one (containing errors) ??In the new version, the trailer has lifting axles!
  • Powerfull
    2020-01-13 18:19 Send message
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    i delete this outdated broken version from sharemods
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