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[ATS] Ford F-Max v2.0 ATS 1.34
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[ATS] Ford F-Max v2.0 ATS 1.34

Adapted for ATS
Cables edited for ATS
Changed the driver's landing

- Standalone
- In all dealers
- Lightmask
- Interior
- Accessory options
- Realistic engine and transmission specs
- Advanced trailer connection
- Trailer cables

Metehan BİLAL, Yasin ÇALIM, Ferhat GÜR, OveRTRucK. Adapted for ATS vasja555

  • Metehan bİlal
    2019-04-20 21:28
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  • Speedking2
    2019-04-29 15:24 Send message
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    This is an awesome truck mod. Will you be adding more like beacons, banners and flags to make it legal to haul Special Transport or even Heavy Cargoes? I have d/l and played this truck and it is my favorite truck. Thank and keep up the good work.
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