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[ATS] Freightliner FLD v1.5 by odd_fellow
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[ATS] Freightliner FLD v1.5 by odd_fellow

recommend you to download SiSL megapack for full tuning experience!
I won’t even bother making a list of all tuning options as there are too many. I recommend you to pay full attention to all of the upgrade dots while in truck config menu, because sometimes it’s not obvious which dot does what.
You will see yellow warning lines in log. It’s because of older pmd/pmg format used in this mod and it does NOT have any impact on gameplay. No red lines, crashes or glitches whatsoever.
If you play ETS2 and notice crashes while in truck config menu, it may be related to missing Accessories DLC. I personally couldn’t reproduce this crash on my setup/never had any problems with it.
You can purchase it at Kenworth (ATS) or Renault (ETS2) dealership. UV template included in the archive.
Tested on 1.28.x game version. It may conflict with my previous Classic XL mod, so remove it before activating FLD. You have been warned!


  • Eric hetherington
    2017-09-04 06:56 Send message
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    I have installed it, but it kept crashing the game, so I don't trust this mod.
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