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Project Next-Gen - USA v1.1 by DamianSVW
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Project Next-Gen - USA v1.1 by DamianSVW

Project Next-Gen for ATS - the mod replaces the sky textures with high-quality textures.
Weather system is default, because it looks much better now since SCS works on DX11 and because only that way Mod stay Compatible with next SCS Updates and they will definitely keep working on Weather, Lighting and other effects.
so working on separate definitions doesn't make sense yet.

Features mod Project Next-Gen - USA:
- The mod changes the weather and graphics in the game to a more realistic one;
- Changes the vegetation;
- Changes most of the textures, signs, buildings, various coatings, chippers, etc. (4K quality);
- Changes the road;
- Can be used in conjunction with any weather mod;
- Weakly affects performance;

Tested on game version 1.37.x


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