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BWS Specialized Nuclear Waste Trailer v1.0 1.32.x
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BWS Specialized Nuclear Waste Trailer v1.0 1.32.x

This is a re-release of Quattrophobia's BWS Specialized Nuclear Waste trailer, but working with the 1.32 cargo market, and updated by Chief86 to have cables. It is not ownable, and most likely will never be updated to be ownable.

This has the same ADR 6 requirement that the original had.

A word of note:
The empty trailer pays like any normal trailer.
The trailer carrying the nuclear container pays handsomely.

Trailer Model & Nuclear Flask: Bansheewoj
Trailer Wheels, Axle Cap, Tires: Corby, Ventyres,Peterbilt5379
Assembly in ATS, AO Textures & materials, leds: Quattrophobia
Misc trailer definitions: B4RT & guidot
Updated: Chief86

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