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Coast to Coast Map - v2.1 Released
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Coast to Coast Map - v2.1 Released

It is mostly scenery additions in Florida along with the Colorado Springs area by bobtavenger.
There are two scs files in the zip, activate them both in the Mod manager (giving either higher priority works)
Tested 1.6


  • Mantrit
    2017-05-28 23:21 Send message
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    use this linkhttp://modsfile.com/kd07ci5jkz75/unzip_me.zip.html
  • Ralloh
    2017-06-01 00:13 Send message
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    Finally made my way to Florida. Very impressed with the new scenery. Keep up the great work.
  • Nick
    2017-07-02 22:02 Send message
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    This map does not connect to the Canadian side I've tried different maps
  • Tw


    2017-08-13 20:56 Send message
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    I agree with Nick, I'd like to see a few Canadian cities added in your next update. However, if that is not in your plan, can you PLEASE add more roads, cities and especially more gas stations, one's that rigs with LONG trailers can easily access.
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