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Cummins M11 Engine Sound Mod v1.0
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Cummins M11 Engine Sound Mod v1.0

I have finished my Cummins M11. It has been delayed a bit because it was not easy to find some different revs idle and jake brakes sounds. I have added many details in the sound mod. Hope you like it guys.
It currently works on the two Harven’s trucks, the FLB and the Mack R series, the Pet 389 by Viper and the Kenworth K100 edited by Cyrus the Virus.


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    2018-09-16 12:10
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    2018-09-16 14:02
    Халявщики тухлодырые. Из-за вас содомитов и перестают моды делать. Только и можете чужие труды воровать и перезаливать. Мрази вы конченные.
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    2018-09-18 21:03
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