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Custom pete 351 1.35
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Custom pete 351 1.35

Custom Pete 351 for American truck simulator
added rack fenders air boxes rear mudflaps rear light bars exhaust steps tanks
Tested on 1.35.x version
Renenate , i do not take credit for truck.

renenate , i do not take credit for truck ...

  • Brad
    2019-07-17 03:15
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    i would get it if it was just regular frame and not slammed
  • Sonfsamx3
    2019-08-04 04:06
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    Renanate, thank you so so freaking much for this truck. This truck is bad ass, dont listen to what Brad is saying he's in the minority. Thank you once again for all the hard work you put into keeping this mods alive. I appreciate you brother thank you sir.
  • Renanate
    2019-08-06 06:45
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    this truck is sexy af good work
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