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Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme Winter v1.2
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Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme Winter v1.2

This standalone map

Winter Version 1.2 Update Notes

Added in 4 new Recruitment Agencies. 3 in Fairbanks and 1 in Coldfoot

Fixed some issues with gradients on hills such as Finger Mountain and the hill about halfway between Fox and Livengood
(Tested both sides of Finger Mountain with a 44500 lbs load in a quick job scs W900 with automatic transmission)

Added in a few cosmetic items that point people to this thread. These are not unsightly and are in strategic places.
(removal of these can have devastating consequences to the area)
This was necessary due to people reuploading my map elsewhere and not providing a link back to this thread on the SCS Forum for support.

Fixed an issue with Coldfoot and Weather. Seems the Sector was missing from the maps Climate data file upon build.

fixed an issue with the Welcome to the Dalton Sign at Mile 1 being far too big and the y scale also being larger than the x and z
it should now be more appropriate to the real one in terms of scale and a person.

Added more delineators north of Atigun Pass

Added in the version number to the manifest so that it shows on the right hand side in Mod Manager.
(This will enable folks to ensure they have the correct version)

Download link on first page as usual

N.B. to make sure you have the correct version of the map there should be Tirechains available in the upgrade shop
as well as red delineators from one end of the Dalton to the other as well as the mod manager showing it.


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