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Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator v2.0 1.39
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Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator v2.0 1.39

Version 2.0
fixed the position of the trailer on the saddle.
Fixed rear lights.
Added 3 new skins.
Minor fixes.

Semi-trailer model Dorsey 48ft Reefer Model features,.
which has coloring pages and the ability to paint metallic and chrome in any colour.
If you want to draw your skins, the archive is open, there is a template.
It is also prohibited without consent and permission to alter or use trailer parts.
Rework everything you want for yourself.

selonik, dieseldog, scs

  • Selonik
    2020-11-10 20:58
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  • Selonik
    2020-11-10 20:59
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  • @selonik
    2020-11-10 21:50
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    Thank you, I dont download from mod thiefs, thanks for this mod and the link
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