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Ford LTL9000 v1.6
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Ford LTL9000 v1.6

I found this truck and in all places Youtube....LOL
So i took and started to do some fixes and add more to it.
Its a nice truck but still needs work.
The truck is by jhonnparra.
And the fixes and updates so far by BrianC

Here is a link for the truck. It needs work and i am just starting on it.
And i will update the truck link as i get the fixes done.
Their will be a template for the truck, for anyone who wants to skin it.

Tested 1.6


  • Brianc
    2017-04-03 18:47 Send message
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    This is a stolen mod, and you were not given permission to post it here. I hope you enjoy the truck as i will do no more edits to it. because of you GUEST.
  • Tazztower
    2017-04-03 21:05 Send message
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    does it work with 1.6 or am i missing something? truck crashes my game everytime...wanted an LTL so bad,guess ill have to wait for a better looking and working truck
  • Brianc
    2017-04-04 03:14 Send message
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    Sorry TazzTower. I will not be doing any more work on this truck. This was a WIP truck posted for friends on Facebook to test and let me know what needed to be fixed. Since Guest and one other person took and posted it here without permission, i have pulled the plug on the truck completely.
  • Poopi
    2017-04-15 23:30 Send message
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    BRIANC if u upload it on herre i will get it from u
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