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Freightliner Cascadia 2018 Ultrabald Edition for ATS 1.34.x v1.6
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Freightliner Cascadia 2018 Ultrabald Edition for ATS 1.34.x v1.6

! Remove old versions before use !

Original model and parts by Felipe Conbar
Air cables by Jesse Burson
Cleaning, rearranging and dashboard by galimim
Re-building by UltraBald
Full credits in mod description

*Because a lot of parts have been added, I highly recommend you sell previous versions before using this one*
– Log is free of errors (only one error remains because 3D model is too heavy, no impact on game or performance)
– Lots of chassis including 6x4 short, lowered and 4x2
– Lots of accessories and tunning options
– Cabin DLC compatible
– Left mirror fixed
– XT cabin rear window tint corrected
– Other bug corrections

Change log:
1.6: Integration of Felipe Conbar's new chassis and parts
Update all parts to 1.34
Fixed errors in dashboard computer
Added custom made bottom grills fitted to new bumper
Corrected cabin backlights position
Sound update
Corrected dashboard decoration positions
Adapted rack position for day cab
Engine corrections
Countless bugs and textures fixes
1.5.1: Complete rebuild and refit of dashboard computer
Fixed hood bullbars not showing from inside view
Fixed cabin ambient lights
Removed some curtains
Fixed decorations poking through windscreen
Improved driver position
Modified material of the windows deflectors to make them look less shiny
Separated bullbars and bottom grills to allow both at the same time
Update of interior textures with Galimim's last set
Bottom grills and slots updated
Added custom made 'Ram' bullbar
1.5: Adaptation of chassis definition file for 1.34
Removed unrealistic tag lift chassis
1.4: Added 4 new mirror options
     Added backlights slots to XT Cabin (may not fit well on top slots)
     Fixed quickjobs
      Cleaned gearboxes
1.3:  Re-oriented the left mirror
      Blacklights fixed (need external marker mod to work)
Re-added tons of tuning parts previously added by Jesse Burson, re-ajusted them all to the new cabins
Fixed left mirror
Fixed sunshield geometry
Removed Detroit Diesel engines (because they had no badges)
XT Cabin window tint correction
1.2:  Fixed collision problem
1.1:  Bug fixes
      Added missing truck colour textures
      Added missing truck colour icons
     Changed the look of chrome parts
     Made ao texture a bit darker
1.0:  Original mod

Ultrabald, galimim, Jesse Burson, Felipe Conbar, Frank Brasil, Tom Dooley, Viper, Solaris36, R.Modjeski/DCvinh, dmitry68, Wolfi, GTM Team

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    Die hinteren Kotfl├╝gel funktiomieren leider nicht! Bitte reparieren! Sonst aber ein toller Mod. Dankesch├Ân
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