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Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v1.0 Edited 1.32.x
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Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v1.0 Edited 1.32.x

Standalone. Volvo dealer
- 3 cabins
- 1 chassis
- Different types of engines and gearboxes
- Your salon
- Is being painted. Has its own skins.
- Its sound
- Tyunning

Changes to the original:
- Removed all old engines
- Added correct engines
- Added corresponding engines CAT
- Removed many unused textures
- Removed undefined models
- Fixed cabins
- Added additional Flow Below fairings
- Replaced icons for parts
- Spoilers are separated from the booths. Now they go as accessories
- Various bug fixes
- Changed engine sound from DD to Mercedes

original mod - Felipe Conbar
Correction and further development - galimim
Special thanks to the Wolfi and GTM team

  • Guest
    2018-10-13 15:07 Send message
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    Truck is getting closer to actually being usable..still needs some issues taken care of..like the light options not working, the driver sitting up in the roof of the truck..the cab lights are in the wrong place and don't work, the mudflap lights don't work..not worth the download right now.
  • Rq


    2018-10-13 19:46 Send message
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    Just wait for SCS to release their Cascadia. This truck still has a TON of issues.
  • Guest
    2018-10-14 00:58 Send message
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    @RQ, it'll be years before we see an SCS Cascadia, if ever.
  • Lance
    2018-10-16 08:19 Send message
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    were about to get the Volvo VNL , International Lonestar, or the Prostar
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