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Heavy Truck and Trailer Add-on Mod for HFG Project 3XX v2.0
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Heavy Truck and Trailer Add-on Mod for HFG Project 3XX v2.0

This is an add-on to the HFG Project3XX, you must use Project3XX version 2.0 or later. Run this mod with a higher priority.

• 6×4 and 8×4 Flatbed chassis
• 6×4 and 8×4 Tanker chassis
• 6×4 and 8×4 Short Logger Chassis

• 2 and 4 axle flatbed pup trailers
• 2 and 4 axle tanker pup trailers
• 2 axle short log pup trailer
• Custom “Double pup” tanker trailer configuration for Nevada

• Various custom parts for the trucks and trailers
• Custom short log load

Changelog v2.0:
• Changed the flatbed color to black and changed the headboard to have a window. This is now visible inside the cab out of the back window.
• The tanker, sliding tarp and propane bodies are also now visible out the back window of the cab.
• Made a few changes to the rear of the flatbed.
• Added small tool boxes that are selectable on the flatbed and sliding tarp chassis's via the rear step node.
• Added small toolboxes and support struts for the trailers.
• Added another bumper option for the trailers.
• Added concrete block cargo.
• Added "Drifty Trucking" skin, another local company that runs 8 axle truck and trailer flatbed combos.

guidot (Half Fast Gaming)
Overfloater: Battery box
Wolfi: Log headache rack
Harven, Zetor: Logs, log bunks, reflective stripes

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