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JAC Junling Truck for ATS 1.34.x
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JAC Junling Truck for ATS 1.34.x

Can find in Peterbilt and Volvo Dealers
2 Engines
4 Transmissions
Compatible with Non Trailer Cargo Pack v1.0 for ATS 1.34.x (included in the package)

Installation:  Unpack with WinRAR; 7-zip(freeware) both files from downloaded archive to your ATS game mod folder.

Load order in mod manager:
1) Non Trailer Cargo Pack v1.0 for ATS 1.34.x (put above)
2) JAC Junling truck (put below)

Important note to take or release non trailer  job:
Skip manual cargo loading and unloading procedure!
Just hit "enter" when it asks and skip these manual loading/unloading procedures. Cargo then will be loaded/unloaded automatically.
Otherwise you will damage cargo(when manualy loading) or just can't unload cargo manually!

Authors 作者:六顺团队_梓宁; ATS adaption - vasja555.

作者:六顺团队_梓宁; ATS adaption - vasja555.

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