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Kentucky RD Moving Van updated Ownable 1.38
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Kentucky RD Moving Van updated Ownable 1.38

Kentucky Trailer sets the industry benchmark as North America’s largest manufacturer of enclosed auto transporters for Automobile, Motorcycle, and Vehicle Transport Trailers. Well known for building the most rugged, durable, and highest payload enclosed trailer shells in the world, Kentucky Trailer’s Enclosed Vehicle Transport Trailer is….simply put, an elegant, durable workhorse.

Updated to 1.38.x game version.
Totally revised & reworked.
UI shadow corrected.
Corrected collisions.
Freight market.
Trailer cables.
Advanced coupling.
Reflective stripes.
(all skins)
Clean gamelog.
detailed model

CyrusTheVirus, SheryO, PigPen, RubberDuck73, Paul Stokes, B4RT

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