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Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive by Bu5ted v4 upd 04.07.17
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Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive by Bu5ted v4 upd 04.07.17

Tuning for default Kenworth W900
Adds a large number of tuning, accessories, chassis for the Kenworth W900

Changes 4.0 from 04.07.17
Update for 1.6
There are more bumpers,
more places to add lights,
Sun Visors, clear & colored bug deflectors.
Mud flaps have been repaired for Company Trucks.
Fixed gas tank for default desktop truck if starting new profile.
Removed custom interiors for chrome & painted interiors until I can get them fixed.

All Version 3.0 Options Plus++

Added Led Headlight Bezels (work in progress)
Added Paint Fuel Tanks
Added Walking Deck As Add-On
Added 4 New Mirrors w/Lollipop Lights (input credit: wiseguy)
Added Turn Signals To Bumper Whips (input credit: xSadr)
Added Custom Grills
Engine and Radiator Model Added To Some Grills
Added Custom Hood Ornaments
Added New Hood/Bug Deflector
Added 4 Antennas As Add-On

Fixed Exhaust Position
Fixed Beacons
Fixed Cablights
Fixed Horns
Fixed Missing Textures
Fixed Paint Skins
Fixed Metallic Colors
Fixed Fenders (still incomplete)
Fixed Interior Chrome Reflection
Fixed Interior Door Handle Paint
Fixed Missing Polygons On Some Models
Fixed Truck Shadows (still incomplete)
Fixed Parts Not Showing In Interior
Fixed AirCleaner Lights
Fixed Some Lights
More Bug fixes
Plus Alot More

Bu5ted, update Knightr1701

  • Mods_ats
    2017-07-04 21:17 Send message
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    Don't download this, I upload fake !
  • Csx68
    2017-08-11 22:07 Send message
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    i use the modded w900 in ATS and this will fix the kingpin and the frame
  • Csx68
    2017-08-18 05:10 Send message
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    update time
  • Csx68
    2017-09-16 22:56 Send message
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    Question can you add snokels for the air filters and the Oversized Frieght mods to the next update? Much appreciated. Happy Trucking
  • Name
    2017-11-13 03:06 Send message
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    does this work on 1.29.x an NM DLC
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