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Kw900 XXL ATS v1.3
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Kw900 XXL ATS v1.3

ITS HERE AND WORKING TESTED AND GOING OVER 100 TIME. Now this truck is still looking for a skilled authors i am not it so forgive me for any issue found here, a few things that just couldn’t work but glad to say there no more crashing on menu screen.You can just customize your tires,rims,paint,engine,tranny there is no access. One Big thing this truck was built with the Phantom Truck base so you cant have it active. like i said it works and until there a authors ready to step up this will do for now 508Studio worked the inside looking and a few on the out.

Frankenstein Mod, 508Studio

  • Freddy jimmink
    2016-08-24 12:02 Send message
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    It's here? No way José!! Link is dead, gone, nada, nichts link!!
  • Wayne
    2016-08-25 21:09 Send message
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    damm man now that a truck i like to play with looks real good put it back on if u can think u
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