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Mercedes LPS 1632 Update for compability 1.32+
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Mercedes LPS 1632 Update for compability 1.32+

Update 30.11.2018
IMPORTANT NOTE: Overwriten whole model to make compatibility with oldschool Mercedes NG 1632 truck for ATS.
If you wanna use both of these old Mercedes trucks in the same time the you need to use this update of this truck,  if dont plan to use in same time both of them, then you dont need this rework. These both truck had the same truck name in the mod and that caused conflict with parts that they used together.
Nothing else has changed.

dmitry68, Stas556, VITALIY7735, Maury; patched by vasja555

  • Vasja555
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  • Peeweelulu
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    it would be great to have it also on ets2 because exellent mod very good job
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