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Mercedes Sprinter LWB v1.1
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Mercedes Sprinter LWB v1.1

Changes in 1.1 version:
- Added bumpers as addons
- Sides as addons
- Painted and chrome mirrors
- AO baking (Ashley Willman)
- Grill and Grill Mesh as addons

Known issues:
- if the van doesnt show parts check each addon node they are all there
- Dealer: Kenworth (please make sure there is not other truck mods activated and dont use on same profile as trucks as the wheels replace some of the truck ones)

DragonModz, Klolo901, Atak_Snajpera, Ashley Willman

  • Portegies
    2016-03-31 23:14
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    In America the Mercedes Sprinter has a different name, the Dodge Sprinter.Would be nice if you can adjust it accordingly.
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