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Minor Urban Overhaul v9.0 1.36
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Minor Urban Overhaul v9.0 1.36

Changes v9.0
Compatible DLC Utah
Did a rework of all the high-traffic areas I added, now areas with extreme traffic are all confined to freeways while areas inside major cities have increased traffic compared to vanilla, but not to the point of gridlock after a minute like it used to be.

•I-5 widened to 2x4 from San Diego to just north of Los Angeles (originally a mix of 2x2 and 2x3)
•I-5 narrowed to 2x2 from Sacramento to Redding (originally 2x3)
•I-10 widened to 2x4 from Los Angeles to Palm Springs (originally 2x3 and 2x2)
•US 101 widened to 2x4 in the Bay Area and near Los Angeles (originally 2x2 and 2x3 respectively)
•I-580 (the California one) widened to 2x4 from the I-5 junction to Richmond (originally 2x2)
•I-80 widened to 2x4 from Richmond to SR37 and 2x3 up to Sacramento (originally 2x2)
•CA-99 widened to 2x3 near Bakersfield and 2x4 in Bakersfield (originally 2x2)
•Some very minor signage changes, mostly getting rid of "Carlsbad" being posted everywhere.
•Areas near Los Angeles, the SF Bay area and Sacramento more "urbanized"
•Downtown Los Angeles remodeled.

Fresno, CA-99 is done up to halfway to Fresno and vanilla signage has been replaced with the post-Arizona sign templates in the Los Angeles area and the reworked CA-99 area. Had to take some artistic liberties in some places due to how different the road network is in the game compared to real life.

1.) Compatibility Patch For M.U.O v7.1.1 & Project North v0.3.1
2.) Compatibility Patch For U.S Expansion & Pazz's S. California/S. Arizona Re-Worked v1.1.12
3.) U.S Exapnsion v2.6.1
4.) Pazz's S. California & S. Arizona Re-Worked v1.1.12
5.) Project North v0.3.1
6.) Minor Urban Overhaul (S. Cali & S.F Bay Area Lite Version)


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