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Montana Expansion v0.3.5
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Montana Expansion v0.3.5

Glendive terrain re-work finished -
Circle terrain re-work finished -
farm south of Wolf Point re-worked -
Glasgow terrain re-worked, also corrected street and no more prefabs connected to prefabs -
started work on Ft Peck Resevoir -
all roads in gps had boundaries turned off -
Interstate 90/Hwy 212 junction (Crow Agency) re-built -

v0.3 -
MT200 work between Lewistown and Circle -
major terrain re-work in Gelndive removing dozens and dozens of needless terrain pieces -

v0.2.6 -
fix invisble walls at new interchanges on I15 in Great Falls -
added Billings improvements -
forest road to Lewistown lumbermill fixed -

v0.2.5 -
3rd I15 interchange in Great Falls re-built along with alot more terrain pieces removed -
Billings improvements -
Scale triggers exiting Billings scale corrected -
Speed limit on I90 in Billings now 65 all the way through on the interstate -
dozens on needless terrain pieces removed from Billings -
buisness added for Forsyth -
company not inside city limit corrected (was the new Kalispell truckstop) -

fraba for MonDak scales at Wibaux and Beach
Mantrid for use of C2C assets, thanks

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