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Multilingual Google Maps ATS voice navigation v1.0
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Multilingual Google Maps ATS voice navigation v1.0

I really love the new feature in the 1.35 open beta! I only hate those English voices. So, I thought to create a new mod: "Multilingual Google Maps voice navigation".
This is basically just a new navigation voice. I try to make it the same as google maps.

Included Languages:
English (Released)
German (Released)
Swedish (Released)
Russian (Released)
French (Released)
Spanish (Released)
Polish (WIP)
Czech (WIP)
Italian (WIP)
Finnish (WIP)
Dutch (WIP)
If you want more languages, just request it here. I'll try to make it too.

It currently says "In 200 meters", but that will change to "In 200 feet" in the next version.


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    2019-06-05 22:05
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    no Dutch inside
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