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Multiple Trailers in Traffic - ATS - v7.2
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Multiple Trailers in Traffic - ATS - v7.2

Changelog v7.2
Update for 1.38

Changelog v7.1
Trucks and trailers already included by SCS are no longer in the base mod.
International Lonestars with both "A" and "B" cabs for regular double/triple trailers, heavy cargo and forestry trailers.
Single/triple versions of the doubles in Jazzycat's Painted Truck traffic mod. Use v3.9.1 or later to avoid warnings during loading.
Standalone mod to allow Rocky Mountain/Turnpike double and pup triple trailers for cargo in states and provinces in CanaDream, C2C and the various Mexico maps.
More truck templates.

Adds double / triple trailers to traffic.
Adds trailers and cargoes from the Heavy Cargo DLC to traffic.
Adds trailers and cargoes from the Forest Machinery DLC to traffic.
Adds: Mack Anthems.
Removes: Far too many stupid errors; no-longer-required cargo models "borrowed" from ETS2.
Changes: All truck models now in Heavy & Forestry Addons; further tweaks to spawn ratios/frequencies.
Resurrects: The Case 600 Quadtrac tractor in the Heavy Addon, which SCS had just hidden rather than removed altogether.

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