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Peterbilt 389 Accessories Pack v30.05.18 1.31.x
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Peterbilt 389 Accessories Pack v30.05.18 1.31.x

This is an additional accessory mod for Peterbilt 389. I created various accessories such as bumpers, exhaust pipes, and visors.

Changes v30.05.18:
- Added "Low Roof Sleeper [V]" in the cabin category.
- Added "Stretched Short/Long Chassis" in the chassis category.
- Updated my custom truck.pmd/pmg file for supporting the trailer cables.
- Adjusted track width of the front axle. (Affect to my custom chassis only.)

List of the accessory types in this mod
- Air Filters
- Bumper (with special addon accessories)
- Bug Deflector
- Cabin Deflector (for "Low Roof Sleeper [V]")
- Exhaust
- Grill (with special addon accessories)
- Main Mirrors (with special addon accessories)
- Mudflaps
- Mudguards
- Sideskirts (with special addon accessories)
- Sun Visor

And my custom cabins and chassis. (Some accessories are dedicated to these.

SCS, pete379jp.

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    Taken from steam workshop. Mod has not been updated beware this is a copy and pasted mod not by original author.
  • Pete379jp
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