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TomDooley's Doo.lite addons for GALIMIN's VNL rework v2.0
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TomDooley's Doo.lite addons for GALIMIN's VNL rework v2.0

This addon mod requires Galimin's VNL 2.15 or newer
- Bullbars
- Front Chrome lowbar (b_grill slots) or plastic spoiler
- Aircon fan on back of sleeper for 740 cab
- Extensive roof slots with/without lamp bar for 760 & 860 cabs
- Cabin-back lights adaptor
- Acryl Window deflectors
- APU and steps/toolsbox / only with separate chassis (see above*)
- Chrome + black decor for hood outlets
- Chrome and black decor stripes on sleepers and sunshields
- Alternative cabin dlc slots arrangement for dashboard
- Sideflares (Slots, stripes in chrome and black)
- Headache Racks
- Beacons adaptor
- Double Exhaust pipes
- Sunshield w/ Volvo logo
- "No-plastic" sideskirt


  • No reupload
    2018-12-16 22:23
    No reupload, noposting on mod leech sites, please! That is also meant of those f*cking leeches roaming this board. You are not welcome to add this to your stealing sites.
  • Author's post
    2018-12-16 22:24
  • Freddy jimmink
    2018-12-17 00:51
    Freaking great! There are more people who don't care about re-uploading! Awsome, realy awsome ! Hail to the re-uploaders! HAil, Hail, Hail!
  • Csi48
    2018-12-17 16:56
    shit...i'm going to re-upload this just for fun... hahaha
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