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TSA Drop Trailers v1.3.6
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TSA Drop Trailers v1.3.6

- Standalone;
- Ownable;
- Cable support;
- Animation supports;
- 6 types of hitch;
- Your skins;
- Your wheels;
- Tuning.

TSA, C.A.M, Steve, Rowan, Ventyres, Bora, Swen

  • Wolf trucker
    2019-11-11 11:50
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    hey mate can u plz make a aussie frezer van and sorry i cant spell
  • Richt05tv
    2019-11-29 11:02 Send message
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    Only 3 of the paint jobs show up and all the others are Black. For testing I placed a small graphic on the Toll Skin and then had a look in game and the trailer became Black. Take the graphic off and the toll paint job shows up. looked at the sii and the sui files and with the exception of the name of the skin they seem to be identical.
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