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Tyler Bell v1.5.2.1
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Tyler Bell v1.5.2.1

I spent a lot of time putting effort in to this truck and don't upload to diffrent websites and found at the Peterbilt Truck Dealer your able to paint diffrent colors and diffrent engines and transmissons and it's customizable.


  • Hammer down
    2017-02-08 05:59 Send message
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    this mod is a pile of crap and if you would have worked hard on it you would have added more accessories its almost like you copied some one elses truck you stupid looser get a life and do better on you work don't just make it a throw together truck do like viper on his 389 take your time ..........................
  • Cticeo
    2017-02-08 20:22 Send message
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    its 1 of 5 bate trucks out there )
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