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US Expansion v2.7 - Sierra Nevada compatible
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US Expansion v2.7 - Sierra Nevada compatible

This is P16's US Expansion updated for 1.38 and modified to be compatible with Sierra Nevada
Since it appears that P16 has abandoned modding for ATS.
This mod will only be getting compatibility updates for future game versions.


  • Mike
    2020-08-03 17:08
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    Us Expansion on the game version 1.36x has a weight of 20.6MB and this one is only 5.8MB for the game version 1.38x. Seeing this difference in weight, I guess a lot of cities have been deleted. Personally, I'm not playing with the Sierra Nevada map 1.38x since a lot of cities have not been added to this map. I have asked the question before if the creators have any plans to add these missing cities in the future, but I never received an answer.
  • Idiot
    2020-08-03 19:56
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    stop reuploading: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=194&t=288550
  • @modder
    2020-08-05 03:21
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    You took a really good map mod and turned it into a piece of shit. Way to go.
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