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USA Police traffic [1.30] v2.0
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USA Police traffic [1.30] v2.0

Added 2012 Dodge Charger version.
Added Highway Patrol California & Nevada looks.
Corrected frequency.
Errors fixed.
Adapted for 1.30.
Vehicles with beacons, flashers and sounds.

Solaris36 & Da Modza, adaptation for 1.30 - SlavikSD...

  • Ralloh
    2018-01-29 01:57 Send message
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    This mod may be ok for some, but, I found it to be a bit obnoxious. I can drive in real life for weeks without seeing a cop car or hearing a siren. This mod subjects you to them about every couple of miles. I had to delete it.
  • Solaris36
    2018-01-29 10:09 Send message
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    You only update pmg files.You don't add any model or look.You don't fix anything.The files you added causes no effect in game.
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