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VNzxt's Custom Mods Quad FTE's v1.0 1.36.x
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vNzxt's Custom Mods Quad FTE's v1.0 1.36.x

vNzxt Custom Mods Quad FTE's v1.0
Hello everyone, We have released our first mod to the community, Visit the link below and download, then place into your mod folder and you're ready to go.
Visit our facebook page @ click_here For more of our custom mods.
[Do not reupload onto any mod sites as we have already done that ourselves]
You're Welcome to share just do not re upload, Thank you.
If you have any issues with the trailers please contact us directly so we can fix them, we appreciate all your feedback and support.
Don't forget to post photos below in the comments of you pulling our trailers with your trucks, Thank you!

vNzxt Customs

  • Gasguzzler
    2020-02-20 18:47
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    I just did a quick test. They are very nice done, I like the lights that were used, a couple issues were found that make them unusable at this time. Load capacity is very low. I used a single trailer, the max job offered weight was less than 12000 LBS, so the payout was minimum, 2nd. You can not change the color or apply one of the skin supposedly included with the mod. Once these issues are fixed, the trailer is gonna rock....
  • Name
    2020-02-21 01:06
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    skin don't work, not 1.36, mod is a disaster, error everywhere
  • Damian sims
    2020-02-21 01:12
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    ugly mod, not work correctly, not 1.36 heaps of errors, paintjobs not work, yuk
  • Old
    2020-02-21 05:52
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    its a old mod not 1.36......
  • Fuck u
    2020-02-22 07:34
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    mod website u used dont work and so fuck u
  • Wtf is this shit
    2020-05-30 13:55
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    8 AXLES ISNT EVEN A AUSTRALIAN COMBINATIONhttps://www.nhvr.gov.au/files/201607-0116-mass-and-dimension-limits.pdfNot even realistic at all, and filled with more errors and bugs then a homeless guys shopping trolley
  • Tsa not vnzxt's custom mods
    2020-05-30 14:08
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    Gasguzzler Nicely done, WTF is wrong with your eyes, these are horrible and stolen their TSA trailers nothing to do with this Faggot and his abortion modding team,VNzxt's Custom Mods id really Dylan Huyton from facebook we all know his as the Abortion modder, take most mod from tohers and SELLS them to suckers
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