Farming simulator 2019 mods
LELY WELGER D6060 v0.9.0.3
LELY WELGER D6060 V0.9.0.3

revision for 0.9, improvements in the discharge of bales on sloping terrain, automatic forced with a minimum speed of 5 km / h to facilitate driving, more power in the packing unit, maintaining a speed of 5 km / h without obstruction of the pickup un...

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ELHO DUETT 7300 v0.9.0.3
ELHO DUETT 7300 V0.9.0.3

Double mower and conditioner work width 7.3 mts suitable for tractors with reverse direction instaled but for the moment attached to front why the game not allowed auto guide for this implement only MB trac in manual mode — Version WLD ...

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RAUCH AXIS 30.1 W v1.0.0.0
RAUCH AXIS 30.1 W V1.0.0.0

Hello everyone, here is a variant based on V0.7.0.8 from Cattle and Crops where the fertilizer can also be unloaded and loaded in the courtyard silo. In addition, the fertilizer type can be selected in the field processing task for the variant and th...

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CLAAS SCORPION 7055 v0.9.0.1
CLAAS SCORPION 7055 V0.9.0.1

Here you get the first telescopic loader for Cattle and Crops 0.6 It is a Claas Scorpion 7055 Technical data: Lifting power: 5500kg Lift height: 7010mm Engine: Deutz TCD 4.1 L4 with 156PS Transmission: Variopower Plus hydrostatic Fuel tank: 230 lite...

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Kverneland implements v0.5.1.2

Version changed the plows; now the packer lever (instance model) is built in with cabControl to adjust the length from 1.8 to 3.3 meters, in accordance with the fact that kverneland has only three handles and three packers have changed the sc...

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Fortschritt T-088 v0.4.0.6
FORTSCHRITT T-088 V0.4.0.6

Version - New fill mesh system, - Fixed problem with mesh getting behind the wall, - Fill mesh isnt invisible on rear anymore, - New box shapes, - Changed weight of T088, - Added emitter for unloading, - New texture of support foot. ...

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