Farming simulator 2019 mods
Ursus 2812 (FS2013) v1.0
URSUS 2812 (FS2013) V1.0

Author: G & M, Rolnik7245, Gospodarz15, Filipp. Modification is: - Mod hand, - Hand brake, - Direction, - Realistic exhaust, - Etc ... The Host Thank you for agreeing to release the tractor with its textures....

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Ursus 914B Turbo (FS2013) v1.0
URSUS 914B TURBO (FS2013) V1.0

Features: - Opening doors, roof, rear window - Full animation rear Tuz - Revolution counters, fuel level, pressure, battery charging - Mobile: clutch, gas, brake, shift rods, - Cushioned seat - Plowing Mod v2 - Turnover and smoke rise for all field w...

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Ursus C-355 FL (FS13) v1.0
URSUS C-355 FL (FS13) V1.0

Authors: Marcello1942, Grzegorzo56, Davson, Filipp Mod has: - Console (key 6) - Tur (M key) - Mod Orcs V2 (F7) - Manual firing, - The moveable axis, - Dust from the wheel, - Opening the flap masks, The moving parts of the engine, etc .. Mod made the...

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Ursus C-360 3p (FS13) by MafiaSolec

Author: Marcello1942, gracjan26 Convert: Bociek So it was not. I do not changed my mind on the subject known. It seems it might be useful to someone and I do not play it. This is the version that once I transformed for Bolek on the sect. Regards ! T...

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