Farming simulator 2019 mods
ASTRA SZT 3.6 Couplers v1.0

The working width is 3.6 meters. Buy Astra SZT 3.6 in-game store can be up to 29 000 euros. With the help of the coupling can be connected directly 3 seeder, increasing the cultivated area by 3 times. Animation is good, leaves traces. Log clean. ...

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NADAL R90 FRONT v1.0.0.0
NADAL R90 FRONT V1.0.0.0

FEATURES: Rakes deployed Width: 10,5 meters Recommended power: 150 cv Price: 28.000 € Daily maintenance: 40 € Rakes adapts to the ground Washable Compatibility Helper Function Color selection ...

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Here is the extremely well done Kverneland Minair Nova 2 mod by xyzspain for FS 2015, brought into FS 2017. I have always loved this medium sized planter, yet, to date, it has never been brought to FS 2017. I decided to give it a go, it turned out ...

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Kuhn SDM23 25A v1.0.0.0
KUHN SDM23 25A V1.0.0.0

- Kuhn Planter SDM23 25A Converted from fs15 to 17 - She has chains to lift with muck, and aide in the planter. - I left almost no log errors (there are only 2 that I couldn't remove) - FS15 Credits: I haven't found the owner - FS17 Credits: ...

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Sense v1.0.0.0
SENSE V1.0.0.0

Not a standard mod adds a manual braid. Now you can mow your crop, as in the good old days, cheaply and angrily. The braid is used as a mower, it is allegedly necessary to "drive", however, this does not prevent to find widespread use of th...

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HAUER 1400KG v1.0.0.0
HAUER 1400KG V1.0.0.0

A new weight for you from the Hauer brand. It is perfect for medium sized tractors as it is a bit too heavy for small ones. K0nsti15 And a big thank you to my brother and Noah Hammerschmied! Greetings from your consti!...

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Barrel weight v1.0.0.0

A weight with 570 Kilos. I know the weight is not that much but i hope it´s okay for you!! I think it´s only for Dekoration very nice....

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KN 2.8 v1.1.0.0
KN 2.8 V1.1.0.0

Cultivator KN 2.8, get dirty, wash, work light The cost of the mower in the game, €: 5000 Maintenance, € / day: 5 1.1 Cultivator weight fixed Cultivator KN 2.8, get dirty, wash, work light The cost of the mower in the game, €: 5...

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