Farming simulator 2019 mods
LTZ T-40 AM v1.5.3.1
LTZ T-40 AM V1.5.3.1

Rust and dirt textures. For many years of operation, the Soviet equipment is pretty shabby. Given the condition of the LTZ T-40 AM, it is sold for only 3800 euros. In the new version of the mod, we fixed warnings on buttons and errors in some textu...

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UMZ 6 KL v1.3.0.0
UMZ 6 KL V1.3.0.0

Power: 60 hp Speed: 25 km / h. Adjustable rear linkage. The door opens. Log clean Washable Lighting Technology Leaves traces Dust flies from under the wheels Changes: Improved tractor physics, some textures replaced....

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HTZ T-150 09 25 v2.2
HTZ T-150 09 25 V2.2

Changes 2.2: adjusted the camera, pereteksturil blade Tractor HTZ T-150 09 25 with blade; Tractor color and design selection; The cost of the tractor in the game 15,000 euros; Maintenance 40 Euro; The engine capacity of 240 l/s; Fuel tank capa...

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