Farming simulator 2019 mods
Kogel Trailer v2.1

ENGLISH: Added design choices for the purchase. Now you can choose the design of the awning from 7 different options: SOURCE, Sovtransavto blue, Sovtransavto white, Blue tent, peck, Post of Russia and a Yellow awning. Increased volume to 40000l...

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Kogel Semi Trailer v2.0

The publicly available Kögel semi-trailer for FS 17 was taken and replaced with awning texture. All functions are the same as Kögel. Boards open, (mouse) Soiled / washed, Working light engineering Put tent is removed Auto-loading of bales, ...

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CHMZAP 9990GM v1.0
CHMZAP 9990GM V1.0

Trawl For Transportation Equipment. Has The Color Selection And Fixation Technique. Four-axle semi-trailer-heavy truck CHMZAP-9990 GM. ChMZAP-9990 GM is designed for the transportation of oversized, heavy, indivisible goods and vehicles on paved roa...

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MAZ 950600-030 v1.1
MAZ 950600-030 V1.1

MAZ 950600-030 for Farming simulator 2017 Volume: 40000 liters. Price: 15,000. Choice of color. clean log Author: Labachuk Volodumur ...

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Tuman 1M v1.0.0.0
TUMAN 1M V1.0.0.0

The self-propelled sprayer the Fog 1M presented in two modifications: shtavogvy and ventilatory sprayers. Mist Sprayer is an easy universal tool for quick processing of Pegas-Agro fields. A wide grip on the surface to be treated, independent suspensi...

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WABASH 53FT v2.1.0.0
WABASH 53FT V2.1.0.0

The refrigerator for cards Gifts of the Caucasus, the Golden spike, Russia and others. Transports the following: meat beer sausage wool liquidFertilizer fertilizer paper wheatflour ryeflour maizeflour emptypallet fish cucumber tomato cauliflowe...

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Trailer MAZ 950600-030 v1.1
TRAILER MAZ 950600-030 V1.1

Replaced texture. Now the trailer is new, without rust. Added color selection. Cost of 15,000 Volume 40000l Working lighting. Color selection. Soiled / washed Transports bulk cargo. Replaced texture. Now the trailer is new, without rust. Added colo...

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