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Hammer Cornking v0.1.1
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Hammer Cornking v0.1.1

Hammer Cornking Sample Mod for Modder

# Installation: #
1. Copy the Zip-File into your Mod-Folder:
C:\ Users\ USERNAMNE\ Documents\ My Games\ Cattle And Crops\ Mods\
2. Start the game - you will find a new entry in the vehicle shop

# Modding, Opening in Editor #
To open the mod in the Cattle and Crops editor you need to extract it into a subfolder of your mod-folder.

1. Extract Zip in:
C:\Users\USERNAMNE\Documents\My Games\Cattle And Crops\Mods\SUBFOLDER\

2. Result:
C:\Users\USERNAMNE\Documents\My Games\Cattle And Crops\Mods\SUBFOLDER\machines\(....)\

3. DO NOT EXTRACT into mod-folder directly:

DO NOT: C:\Users\USERNAMNE\Documents\My Games\Cattle And Crops\Mods\machines\(....)\

4. Open the Game
5. Press CTRL + O to open editor
6. under location select "Mods" as location
7. navigate to the .wld file of this mod and open it in the editor

Modell: Masterbrain Bytes

  • Woodpecker001
    2018-02-17 00:25 Send message
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    Hallo ThomasMöchte mal eine Frage stellen....Habe den Ladewagen ...FS17 Krone Turbo 3500...Möchte das er das Material schneller aufnimmt...Kann mir jemand sagen welcher Wert dafür steht und was ich umändern muss?? Wäre nett wenn jemand mir das Schreiben würde,,,Danke im vorraus,,,Udo
  • Woodpecker001
    2018-02-17 00:26 Send message
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    Hello ThomasWould like to ask a question .... Have the loader ... FS17 Crown Turbo 3500 ... He wants to absorb the material faster ... Can someone tell me what value is and what I need to change? Would be nice if someone would write me, thanks in advance,Udo: Can you help ????Please...
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