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 [Official] Momo’s Traffic – Get Busy v1.0
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[Official] Momo’s Traffic – Get Busy v1.0

Has it occurred to you that in the vanilla game the traffic in front of you is always empty while the opposite direction and behind you is always busy? If the issue has been bothering you, this mod is for you. Because the main objective of this mod is fixing the “empty front” issue. But it also has some nice realistic traffic features.

This is a traffic mod that does not increase the density or make traffic jam. Why? Because you can always use the console command “g_traffic” to increase the density and make traffic jam by yourself without any mod. While most other traffic mods just give you only density and traffic jam (which you can do it by the console command anyway), this mod does more than that.
– Fixes the issue “empty front” traffic. With this mod there should always be AI in front of you most of the time (where it makes sense).
– Slightly reduces the AI patience to encourage overtaking to happen more often.
– Makes some AI vehicles (1/4 of the total number of AI) low torque to simulate relaxed drivers who are not in a hurry. This is to reduce the issue where the AI always accelerate like rockets in the vanilla.
– Makes some AI cars have top speed only 80km/h (less than 1/4) to simulate cautious drivers.
– Make a few AI cars have top speed only 65km/h (very rare, you would be lucky to meet them) to simulate problematic drivers.
– This mod does not touch the density or spawn rate. I intentionally leave it up to you to define your own preferred density by using the command code “g_traffic”. But for realism sake, I highly recommend “g_traffic 3” or a little higher.

1. Sometimes you may see AI spawning right in front of you. This is a side effect of the attempt to fix the “empty front” issue. But it is not too close. I am sure we can live with it.
2. There is no particular rush hour. I have tried to designate rush hour period, but the game seems to ignore the parameters. So the traffic could still be busy during night time (but lighter than day time).

– Game patch 1.34
– All AI vehicle mods (such as Jazzycat’s) but their vehicles will not gain the changes. And the effects maybe different depending on the spawn rates of such other mods.
– All map DLCs and all map mods.
– All double trailer mods, but place this mod higher.
– NOT compatible with any other traffic mod (such as DB Creation, Rudy’s Rush Hours).
– This mod should always be higher than AI vehicle mods (Jazzycats).

1. Send me your Steam Trading Cards or any Steam tradable item.
1.1 Add me to your friend list. (My profile name is “Momo & Yuna” make sure you add the right person)
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