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 Renault Symbol v3.0
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Renault Symbol v3.0

Symbol legend is back on the market ! very nice features we have added our vehicle and 3 :) There is a series of Renault symbol personalized with their names , joy ( the empty one ) and touch the ( full ) models , possible to get at me now +some additional modifications we made to the car has been si halide , the way you can use the tool 3 Now :) in addition honk and additional wheels added.. didir compatible versions 1.26 and 1.27 , smooth control, however, it offers a great and enjoyable ride , acceleration narrowed so don't clunk like 170 or 180ne in fact , that car is a real car , so who knows the story knows like the back of my hand know how it rides , the acceleration to get in the game it was really late , it's accelerating :) metehan break me and my brother bilal for all the help, Thank you very much , helped me a lot in the car to my brother so he made me very happy :) -Renault Out In The Gallery -2 engine option available One chassis you have the option of -3 ( joy , touch , tuning ) -2 wheel selection ( original , advan ) - Interior got.

BurakTuna24 , Metehan Bilal , Mehmet Ali Bayat , Mert Kerem Belen

  • Buraktuna
    2017-05-15 11:19
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