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 Volvo FH 2013 [ohaha] v20.27s
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Volvo FH 2013 [ohaha] v20.27s

Version 20.27s:
- Fixed stuff with headlights and some other bits

- This mod does not include the new steering wheel features introduced by SCS with 1.25! It would mean removing the steering wheel from the interior and having it as a separate model, but this means the startup animation (folding steering wheel column) would be removed as well. This also means you cannot have the knobs on the steering wheel, either. If you can't live with these aspects, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do, at this point.
- RHD wipers issue is still under investigation. There's great chances it doesn't work - wipers do not clear the rain. There's something wrong I haven't identified, yet.


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